Parking for Read-a-thon Assemblies

Please join us tomorrow as we celebrate FPG’s top readers at the Read-a-thon Awards Assemblies. The assembly for grades K-2 will begin at noon and the assembly for grades 3-5 will begin at 1:15 p.m. this Friday in the gym.

In the past, this event has caused traffic issues, so we would like to give you alternate parking arrangements. The Town of Carrboro Public Works Department is located directly across Smith Level Road from our school. They have graciously allowed us to use their lower lot for parking on Friday.

Here are some details that you will need to know:

  1. Turn left as you enter the public works property.
  2. Park in the lower lot, left hand side, along the fence line closest to the creek.
  3. Please do not turn right, as this area is for Public Works employees.
  4. DO NOT park in any spaces near the school marked for the FPG Child Development Center. You run the risk of a $50 parking ticket.

We hope to see you at the Awards Assemblies on Friday!


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