Space Videos From Kickoff

The 2013 Read-a-thon kickoff was a success!  Here are some of the things the children were excited to see during the assembly.

1. Astronaut’s Tour of the ISS

Astronaut Suni Williams is floating around (her hair is floating!) as she describes where they sleep (she even refers to having a book to read!), brush their teeth, go to the bathroom(!), and the kitchen.

2.Curiosity Videos

Lots of very cool stuff here about NASA’s famous recent mission (landed on Mars in early August 2012) This is a VERY cool 5-minute explanation of how complicated it was to get Curiosity safely on Mars.

3.  Scientists wait for Curiosity’s arrival

It’s worth watching this 2.5-minute clip of the scientists and engineers awaiting word of its safe arrival. It intersperses the actual footage at JPL with the animations the kids would have just watched in the “7 min of terror” video.

4.   NASA Johnson Style

Definitely the first ~3.5 minutes of this video for the song only.


1.      Tour de un astronauta por la Estación Espacial Internacional.

La astronauta Suni Williams flota alrededor (¡su pelo también flota!) al mismo tiempo que describe: dónde duermen los astronautas (¡incluso se refiere a tener un libro para leer!), dónde se lavan los dientes, dónde van al baño(!), y la cocina de la nave.

2. Videos de “Curiosity”

Cosas divertidas e interesantes acerca de la famosa y reciente misión de NASA (llego a Marte en Agosto del 2012) Una explicación muy interesante de que lo complicado que fue llevar a Curiosity seguramente a Marte.

3  Además…

Vale la pena ver este video de 2.5 minutos de los científicos e ingenieros que esperan noticias de la llegada segura de Curiosity.

4. “ NASA Johnson Style” – Los primeros ~3.5 minutos  este video.



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