THE 2014 FPG READ-A-THON: “Todo El Mundo Leer”

Dear FPG Parents,

The 2014 FPG Read-a-thon kicks off on Thursday April 10th. This FPG tradition, now in its 16th year, asks FPG students and families to focus on literacy, reading and storytelling for two weeks.

What is the FPG Read-a-thon?

  • From Thursday, April 10 to Tuesday  April 22, all FPG students focus on reading. During Read-a-thon, every student from 1st to 5th grade has a goal of reading 100 minutes per day (including the reading they do at school), 75 minutes for preK and K. 
  • Please note that students read at least 60 minutes at school each school day, so a goal of 40 minutes of at-home reading each weeknight during Read-a-thon would be appropriate.

Why is Read-a-thon important?

  • Read-a-thon is a win-win for FPG students. The program motivates students to read more and achieve their reading goals, while raising crucial funds to support the school. Students are asked to request donations from family and friends for the reading they do. Last year’s Read-a-thon raised about $13,000 that the PTA used to support the school’s media center, science lab, enrichment programs, field trips and other items.
  • For students, Read-a-thon is an opportunity to show their love of reading and to win bragging rights at the annual Awards Assemblies.

What’s new about Read-a-thon this year?

    • All at-home reading or story listening between Thursday, April 10 and Wednesday, April 23 should be logged (including weekends and holidays).
    • For students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade, students are required to maintain an at-home reading log. A paper log is provided or parents can download a spreadsheet (that does the math for you!) to record at-home reading. https://fpgreadathon.wordpress.com/english/forms/
    • For parents of young children, please note that you do not need to record each book read at bedtime. If you read multiple books to your child, just write down “bedtime books” and the total time spent reading.
    • Forth and fifth grade students will use their regular classroom reading logs as they have done all year to record their independent reading both at home and at school. Each day during Read-a-thon, students will be asked to input that data into a Read-a-thon computer spreadsheet at school.
    • The last day/night of at-home reading will be Tuesday April 22.

What are parents asked to do?

  • Parents play a crucial role by supporting their child’s at-home reading and by helping their child reach out to family and friends for pledges in support of Read-a-thon. We hope that you will support your child’s efforts with a lump sum or “per minute” sponsorship based on the total reading time logged by your child.
  • Parents can also volunteer to be a guest reader in their child’s classroom by contacting their child’s teacher.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their families to school for Read-a-thon Night (Wednesday April 16th, 6-8pm).
  • This is also a wonderful opportunity for grandparents, other family members and friends to support your FPG student and their academic growth!

Attached is a copy of the 2014 Read-a-thon Roadmap with important dates as well as the list of awards that are on the line this year.   There is also a pledge form for your student. Students in grades K-3 will also receive a reading log for at-home reading.

Read-a-thon has a Web site with all the forms, a calendar of events, and even photos in one convenient place, so check it out!  https://fpgreadathon.wordpress.com/

We appreciate your support. And we encourage you to get involved and give generously. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:   Jennifer at jenniferwferris@gmail.com .




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