Media Room/Sala de Prensa

The FPG Read-a-thon has received a lot of media coverage through the years. With eager elementary student readers, guest readers and a school media center transformed into a outer space, there is a lot to photograph and cover. For media inquiries about the FPG Read-a-thon, please contact Jennifer Ferris (

Download Media Facts for Read-a-thon 2013

News Releases/ Invitations

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Photos and Videos

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News Coverage

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2 responses to “Media Room/Sala de Prensa

  1. Rosemary Campbell

    I love having a Read-A-Thon Web Page. What a great idea. Students are so excited about reading, logging their time and visiting Jessica’s Jungle.

  2. The library looks fantastic!! I am so sorry I am missing all the fun this year, but kudos to all who helped make it yet another wonderful experience for the kids. ReadAthon Night looked like such fun with the guest readers in the library. Best of luck with the rest of ReadAThon and logging all those minutes. Thinking of you all from home with baby Jacob! We send our love to FPG. 🙂

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